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Dawn Charitable Trust

Dawn’s Women Social Network League is a cultural social cohesion project targeting women of ethnic minority backgrounds in Harrow. They currently offer 1:1 counselling support and social inclusion support exclusively for women. Dawn Charitable Trust have a unique multilingual and culturally sensitive professional counselling service which allows women to express their feelings in an accommodating … Continue reading Dawn Charitable Trust


Capital Kids Club

The “We Are Family” project took place throughout the 2021 Easter holidays. The beneficiaries included 20 families, 50 participants predominantly from south Asian backgrounds, between the ages of 5 and 65, living local to Leyton Sports Ground in Waltham Forest. Participants enjoyed a mix of physical and leisure activities to improve young people’s life skills … Continue reading Capital Kids Club


People and Gardens

BCBN supported the People and Gardens based in Cornwall, a charity which uses horticulture to promote physical and mental wellbeing. The organisation who has previously partnered with Tesco and Santander Bank PLC focuses on helping individuals with learning disabilities or emotional impairments to develop as individuals, learn work and social skills and have quality of … Continue reading People and Gardens


Luton Foodbank Project

BCBN recently worked in collaboration with Luton Foodbank to provide essential assistance to members of the community following the current Covid-19 outbreak. The help of BCBN has proved integral to providing support to many members of the community by providing meals to families who would be left helpless otherwise. Covid-19 has seen a rise in … Continue reading Luton Foodbank Project

Luton Foodbank Project