BCBN identifies difficult social causes and works with credible charity partners to create awareness and raise the necessary funds to support and empower charitable initiatives across the UK. We encourage research and consultation in understanding the needs of our communities, engaging with experts in the areas we intend to support, facilitating partnerships and collaboration to achieve greater impact and support for UK causes. We work with various community organisations and charities to support – elderly, homelessness and poverty, ex-offenders, disability groups, health, environment, arts & culture, education and social cohesion programmes. BCBN does not seek government funding for any of its causes and relies on the generosity of its donors

Muslim Mind Collaborative

The Muslim Mind Collaborative aims to bring together a collaborative of community and mental health service providers to support and facilitate faith-sensitive approaches to addressing mental health and wellbeing of Muslim communities across the UK.

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BCBN 10th Anniversary

On Monday 5th of December 2022, BCBN held its 10 year anniversary at the The Gherkin, highlighting our charitable causes over the last decade. We are proud to have raised over £1.4 million and supported over 100 charitable initiatives.

‘Resilient Me’ in partnership with The Children’s Society

Launched in March 2020, the ‘Resilient Me’ Programme is a unique service designed to better recognise, understand and support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of young Muslims in schools.

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Mental Health Conference: British Muslim Youth

British Muslim Youth BCBN in partnership with the University of East London, School of Psychology held the first British Muslim Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing conference which brought together an array of sectors including Muslim community leaders, health, social care, education, charitable organisations, academics, researchers and policy makers to create a lasting positive change in Muslim access to mental health services.

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Tackling Youth Violence: Exclusion to Empowerment

Exclusion to Empowerment

BCBN committed to support the efforts of three leading youth charities, Khulisa, Redthread and StreetDoctors, to address the full cycle of violence and crime. The aim was to support young people at three high-risk transition points in their lives and provide holistic support to divert them towards a positive future. From Jan 2019-2020, the three organisations have managed to reach 6233 young people in London and supported them to lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives, free from violence and crime, creating positive dialogue and learning opportunities.

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Supporting Domestic Violence Services in partnership with Advance Saving Lives

Supporting Domestic Violence Services in partnership with Advance Saving Lives

BCBN has been supporting the role of an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) since 2013 which began at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminister and now reaches out to Imperial Health Care Trust. To date, BCBN has raised £73,618 for the domestic violence support services, helping to sustain life-changing work and provide much-needed assistance to disadvantaged people in vulnerable relationships as well as social support to families in crisis, helping them to rebuild their lives.

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  • Domestic Violence

Football for Peace

BCBN’s partnership with Football for Peace and its ‘City for Peace Young Ambassador Programme. The project kickstarted in January 2018 and has engaged communities to come together in support of nurturing a tolerant society.

Football for Peace are a diplomatic sports movement, that aim to use the game to promote peace and understanding within society. BCBN’s funding, in partnership with Premier LeagueUnited Nations UNOSDP, Sport is Great and Greater Authority London has enabled over 800 participants from a wide range of society to come together, partake in training programmes to increase their skills employability.

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Live project

Muslim Women Empowerment Programmes

BCBN Women’s Empowerment Programmes support mentorship, networking and educational seminars and workshops for women. The aim is to inspire Muslim women to achieve their career goals by providing motivational and educational workshops that offer free advice and targeted support. BCBN has partnered with Saverah Empowering Lives & Muslim Women Connect to deliver seminars and support the local work of Muslim women groups in the UK. BCBN launched its Muslim Women Empowerment initiative with guest speaker, Rushanara Ali MP at the Saverah Women’s Expo.

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Annual programme

The Black Prince Trust

Training and Development at the Black Prince Community Hub

The Black Prince Trust (BPT)  is an inclusive, inter-generational community centre focussed on creating opportunities in sport, education and employment for the local population. BCBN’s partnership will help support some of the community activities and fitness classes for the youth and elderly as well as supporting training, education and development area at ‘The Space’. The Space is to reflect the concept of a safe place for people to go to learn away from the sometimes stressful environments of home, work and school

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The Muslim Fostering Network

The Muslim Fostering Project launched by BCBN at its 2017 annual dinner will be delivered by the UK’s leading fostering organisation, The Fostering Network and the prominent community development charity, Mercy Mission UK. Through the Muslim Foster Network, the two charities will partner to undertake new research into the extent of the challenges around recruiting and retaining Muslim foster carers and supporting families with Muslim children, as well as delivering community outreach aimed at increasing the number of British Muslim foster families.

The Muslim Fostering Network website here.

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  • BCBN Gala 2017
Amount raised: £243,000

The Refugee Council

Refugee Council & BCBN Grant Initiative

The Refugee Council’s Children’s Services work with unaccompanied minors who arrive in the UK alone after fleeing war, persecution and human rights abuse abroad. BCBN’s funding supported traumatised and isolated refugee children, with projects based around Youth Development, Age Disputes, Therapeutic Support and Trafficking, offering a holistic rota of projects for all unaccompanied children.

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  • BCBN Gala 2016
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Project completed. £274,500 raised.

BCBN Grant Initiative Winter Campaign

On average some 20,000 people die during the winter months in England and Wales*. The majority of excess winter deaths occur among those aged 60 and over, with many victims are fuel-poor and have no choice but to live in energy deficient houses that are expensive to heat. However, research has shown that with a few simple adjustments to make houses more energy efficient and warmer, casualties are avoidable which means less strain
and cost on the NHS and social care services. The BCBN Grant Initiative is proud to be sponsoring Muslim Aid, Age UK and others who are actively working to address this issue.

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  • Fuel Poverty
  • Winter Warmth
  • Elderly
  • Muslim Aid
  • AGE UK
Project completed. £11,100 raised.

The Reach Service

NHS Trust

BCBN partnership with Reach Services, NHS Trust with the aid of your generosity appointed a multi-lingual Domestic Abuse Advisor to provide outreach services at the Accident & Emergency unit at Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital. This invaluable service assists both female and male victims of all backgrounds, ages and if required, their children. BCBN has been supporting the Reach services for 4 years, the work of the multi-lingual case worker has supported 665 victims and their children. BCBN has raised £75,257 for the Reach Services, NHS Trust

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Thank you to our donors and supporters for your generosity, helping us to sustain the REACH services’ life-changing work, in providing much needed assistance to disadvantaged people in vulnerable relationships and social support to families in crisis, helping them to rebuild their lives.

Date Palm Project

The Date Palm Project (London) is a ground-breaking supported housing project that seeks to transform the lives of young Muslim prison leavers, reducing re-offending rates and helping them to become independent and useful members of society. The project is a unique collaboration between the National Zakat Foundation, St Mungo’s Broadway (the homeless person’s charity) and the Better Community Business Network, each bringing their own expertise to tackling the disproportionately high rate of re-offending amongst the young Muslim prison population.

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  • St Mungo’s Broadway
  • National Zakat Foundation
  • BCBN Gala 2014
Project completed. £205,800 raised.

Mosaic & Muslim Youth Helpline

MYH is a national award-winning charity that provides free and confidential faith and culturally sensitive support services targeted at vulnerable young people in the UK. Mosaic was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007, whereby Mosaic’s mentoring programmes create opportunities for young people growing up in our most deprived communities. With the help of volunteer mentors acting as role models, we aim to bridge the aspirations-attainment gap. By linking young people with inspirational role models in this way, we boost their confidence, self-efficacy and long-term employability.

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  • BCBN Gala 2012
Project completed. £175,00 raised.

West London Islamic Centre

Redevelopment Fund

The West London Islamic Centre and Jamia Masjid has been serving the wider local community for over 30 years, providing religious, social, recreational, inter-faith and educational services. The Redevelopment plan for the centre has been designed with inclusivity, education and social welfare at its heart, to build a London landmark with features including a public restaurant, gymnasium, library, conference facilities and room to accommodate over 3,000 worshipers.

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