BCBN Grant Initiative

BCBN Grant Initiative

BCBN launched its Grant Initiative in May 2014, which aims to provide small grant awards to empower charities and local community projects for the betterment of our society. This initiative will distribute up to £3000 per month to small but credible community projects, which are able to demonstrate the positive impact that they add to the local community. We have in place strict vetting procedures and criteria's for successful applications. The Initiative will run throughout the year, alongside BCBN's more headline efforts.

Our objectives

The Charity Grant Initiative aims to improve the quality of life and expectations of people and their communities, especially those disadvantaged or socially excluded, through the awards of grants in the fields of education, community activities, relief of need, particularly in the UK.

The award of the grants and implementation of the grant making policy is carried out by the charity committee whose members make up the BCBN Board of Trustees. Each year grants totalling some £36,000 are awarded in meeting the charity objectives. Each community project proposal may be rewarded up to £3,000 per project.

BCBN awards

Grant Selection Criteria

Please read this section carefully before completing your application. To be successful, the applicants must be a group or individual acting for the wider benefit of the local community. The projects must:

  • Be UK based
  • Address a community issue or support a local community initiative
  • Provide benefits to the local community
  • Must be able to demonstrate that the money will be used for a specific purpose

Applications are welcomed from groups including: local community, self-help or voluntary groups and charities (including local branches of national charities) or individuals acting for the benefit of the local community. Here are examples of some of the causes we support:

  • Education (e.g. schools, extra curricular clubs)
  • Health (e.g. hospitals, cancer research, healthy eating)
  • Ex-offenders (e.g. mentoring, rehabilitation)
  • Homeless/Poverty (e.g. shelter projects, food banks)
  • Arts & Culture (e.g. sport activities, library funds)
  • Environment (e.g. natural disasters, regeneration projects)
  • Elderly (befriending, social clubs)
  • Disability (help lines, inclusion)


The following list sets out the types of activities excluded by the BCBN Grant Initiative:

  • Non-community projects - A group does not have to be a charity to apply, however, any projects supported must benefit a local community within the UK
  • Overseas activities - BCBN Grant Initiative will not support projects outside of the UK
  • Party political activity - Applications to support fundraising, campaigning or any other activity associated with any political party will not be accepted
  • Individual sponsorship - Applications to support individuals will not be accepted)
  • Travel and accommodation - Requests to assist with travel and accommodation costs are excluded
  • Multiple applications - For successful grant applicants only one per person/organisation may be supported in a year (from time awarded); for unsuccessful applicants, you may re-apply for the new quarterly term
  • Application for grants that exceed £3,000 may be turned down
  • Part-funding of projects
  • Running costs and expenses (venue hire, staff cost and salary, bills, printing)
  • Professional associations, or training for professionals.
  • Organisations that do not have charitable aims (such as companies limited by shares and commercial companies)
  • Social research.
  • IT equipment
  • Endowments, loans, deficits, general appeals
  • Grant-giving charities
  • Building projects
  • Non-essential items

BCBN awards

How can I apply?

You may print the application form and post it to the attention of BCBN Grants Initiative, 50 Havelock Terrace, London SW8 4AL. Please ensure that the application is posted in time before the proposed deadline. The application may also be completed online/ scanned and emailed to grants@bcbn.org.uk

Applications can be downloaded here.


Deadlines for BCBN Grant Applications, 2016

  • Term 1 - February 5th 2016 [For Grants Awarded on the 15th of February 2016]
  • Term 2 - May 20th 2016 [For Grants Awarded on the 30th May 2016]
  • Term 3 - August 26th 2016 [For Grants Awarded on the 12th September 2016]
  • Term 4 - November 25th 2016 [For Grants Awarded on the 5th of December 2016]

How are we going to award grants?

BCBN Board of Trustees will review all applications on a quarterly basis, objectively ranking and selecting applications in accordance with our set of grant criteria. Successful applicants will be informed by email at the end of each quarter. Shortly after the announcements, BCBN will host the grant award recipients for a cheque presentation and award ceremony. The venue will be in London, locations may vary.

Please read the below guidelines for applicants before submitting application.

Grant terms and conditions

In signing our terms and conditions for the cheque award to be issued, you accept that the activities supported/ funded by the benefactor are not regarded as our own charity projects. BCBN is are not regarded as the employer or delivery partner, but as a benefactor awarding a grant sum for the activities stated in your original application form. No material changes to the funded activities/project will be made without the prior written agreement of BCBN. BCBN will be informed, in writing, of any proposed changes relating to the funded activities as soon as the changes are known. BCBN reserves the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if it finds that any form of deliberately false or misleading information was provided to BCBN. If you are offered and accept a grant from BCBN, it will be on the understanding that you have agreed the following general terms and conditions:

1) BCBN may wish to visit to see the activities/work funded by the grant. BCBN may wish to take photographs for marketing purposes.
2) Receipt of the grant will be acknowledged by you and confirmation made by letter that the money has or will be spent on the purpose approved by BCBN. Evidence to be provided through receipts, photographs etc. as appropriate.
3) You agree that we may publicise the grant and use any of your own material in doing so.
4) Upon spending the grant amount and realising the benefits at an appropriate time, the grant recipient will compile a short report and submit to BCBN. A template for this report is available here.
5) BCBN and the Grant Recipient will look to explore partnership opportunities as appropriate. We will look to do this as part of an initial meeting between BCBN and the Grant Recipient.
6) You will include reference to BCBN and what award is used for on at least one occasion as part of your regular marketing initiatives. This may be in form of a newsletter, email campaign and web publications. Any reference to BCBN will need to be agreed by BCBN prior to publication. Material requiring approval must be emailed to grants@bcbn.org.uk stating the deadline for which permission is required.
7) No material changes to the funding activities/project will be made without the written agreement of BCBN.
8) BCBN will be informed, in writing, of any proposed changes relating to grant expenditure as soon as it happens.
9) You will keep a financial record of the spending of the grant and retain a copy of any appropriate invoices and receipts, and submit these to BCBN on conclusion.
10) Any part of the grant that is not required for the purpose approved or has not commenced within six months of the grant being awarded (unless formally agreed otherwise) will be refunded to BCBN.
11) BCBN reserves the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if it finds that any form of deliberately false or misleading information was provided to BCBN.
12) BCBN reserves the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if the applicant becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation, and if the grant has not already been spent on its intended purpose.
13) Any assets of value purchased with the aid of a grant should be retained and used for the agreed purpose. If used for another purpose or disposed of, this must be reported to BCBN who reserve the right to require repayment of the value of the asset or the transfer of it to another beneficiary.
14) In accepting the grant you acknowledge and accept that those supported by the grant are not regarded as being employed by us and that we accept no responsibility as employer.
15) You will indemnify us or procure an indemnity against any liability arising from any claim made against us in connection with or arising from our grant.
16) Regular updates must be provided for the use of our donors during the period in which BCBN has supported the running of the project (frequency of updates to be agreed prior to grant being awarded).

Receipt of the awarded amount will be acknowledged by the recipient and confirmation made by the signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding issued by BCBN.

BCBN Grant Award Ceremonies

BCBN awards

BCBN Inaugural Ceremony 2014 held at KPMG Salisbury Square in September 2014 to award Metro Blind Bowlers, Art4Space and Sufra NW Food Bank – London charities. Read more.

BCBN awards

BCBN Grant Award Ceremony 2015, Term 1 held at St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust in support of the REACH services. BCBN grants were awarded to Mosaic – Business in the Community, MADE in Europe and Sense for Deafblind People. Read more.

BCBN awards

BCBN Grant Award 2015, Term 2 awarded to Feed the Need UK, St Giles Trust and Al Isharah. Read more.

BCBN awards

BCBN Grant Award 2015, Term 3 awarded to The Refugee Council, TimeBank and Children of Jannah. Read more.